Ragan’s Standing Pike Full


This is literally what I live for.

  •  Ok I think of artistry like this
  •   You don't look at two different paintings in an art museum and say that one of them isn't real art because it's abstract instead of realistic, they are both art and they are both beautiful even though they are very different
  •  And I think some people need to think like that too


2013 Floor Finals + Turns

The U.S. Women’s Team win gold at the 2014 Nanning World Championships

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Olivia Vivian’s new bars skill

It’s only a C level skill but it looks awesome

Nanning 2014 || MyKayla Skinner after her Floor routine

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Simone Biles (USA) - Nanning 2014 BB EF - Gold Medalist

15.100 (6.4 D)


Look at this cool series Ashton was training back in 2010! (x)